As I age( gracefully?) I find that I am drawn back to natural location with a mystical presence.  I’ve been to Oregon’s amazing Oneonta Gorge several times in the past and I’ve only had minimal success from a photographic perspective.  Nonetheless, Oneonta draws me back.  Oneonta Gorge and its climactic Oneonta Falls are located in the Columbia River Gorge between Hood River and Portland, Oregon.

Oneonta gorge and Oneonta Falls have their difficulties and immense rewards.  Their is no trail to Oneonta Falls.  Instead, Hikers must wade through the stream at the base to this 200 foot deep moss-covered slot canyon.  At points, the water is more than chest deep, making for a precarious passage if you are hauling 45 lbs of large format photographic gear, as I was.

Oneonta Falls

Oneonta-Falls and Oneonta Gorge, located in Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge

Oneonta Gorge itself, is less than 20 feet wide at spots and is composed of 15 million year old basalt.  It is a stunning hike, even without the spectacular Oneonta Falls as a destination.  A couple notes of warning for hikers; There is a large and dangerous log jam at the beginning of the hike which is slippery and potentially treacherous.  Please proceed with caution if you choose to scramble over the log jam as there have been fatalities here in the past.  Lastly, don’t expect solitude if you hike to Oneonta Falls on a summer weekend.  At times, it is swarming with revelers.  That being notes, Oneonta Gorge can be an absolutely magical place during Oregon’s shoulder seasons. For purchasing information for this fine art photograph of Oneonta Falls, visit the product page, Oneonta Falls Fine Art Print.

This beautiful new fine art photograph of Oneonta Falls required optimal conditions and a very wide lens and extremely long exposure times.  some were up to 2 minutes long, Yikes!  Fortunately, the near windless conditions allowed me to capture a photograph with elegant flow patterns, exceptional detail and a magical feel which honors this magical location!  To buy this fine art photograph, please call 541-610-4815 or email me at

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