“Alpine Bliss”, Broken Top Mountain and No-Name Lake
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“Alpine Bliss”, Broken Top Mountain and No-Name Lake

Broken Top Mountain, Located in Oregon’s Three Sisters Wilderness Area is one of Oregon’s premier alpine hiking destinations.  Common access points for Broken Top Mountain include Green Lakes Trail Head, Tam McArthur Rim trail head, Soda Creek Trail head, Park Meadow Trail, Todd Lake Trail, Crater Ditch Trail, and Broken Top Trail.

My newest Fine Art landscape photograph, seen above, of Broken Top reflected in the icy waters of No-Name Lake was very slow in developing.  From Non Name Lake, which is most easily accessed via Broken Top Trail, was very slow developing.  I’ve lived in Bend for nearly 20 years now and recall my first adventure to no name lake the first year we arrived.  I love the area then as I do now but the fine art print of No-Name Lake didn’t materialize until…now.

Initially I had equipment deficiencies.  I’m not a photography gear junkie.  I have what I need for capturing most any landscape photograph I want and I don’t get too excited about new gear.  When I first visualized this image, 20 years ago, I knew I my camera and lens combinations wouldn’t allow me to capture the whole scene because it required a really wide lens.  As my photography career has progressed, my gear and vision have evolved but my mind has frequently wandered back to this newest print.

Ebony 4x5 large format film camera

Ebony 4×5 large format film camera

I’ve always utilized a large format film camera for my fine art prints.  Historically, I’v used a “Wista Field” camera which suited me well.  It is wooden with brass fittings and leather bellows.  It has ample bellows movements to accommodate most large format lenses.  Notice I said most… I needed a wider lens to capture this image of Broken Top and No Name Lake.  Unfortunately, my trusty Wista Field could not accommodate the lens I would need to capture No Name Lake.  In comes the world of “Ebony” cameras.  Ebony is a small, boutique line of exquisite, hand-made wooden cameras crafted by a family in Japan.  They are a piece of art work in and of themselves.  Composed of dark ebony wood, Titanium fittings and black leather bellows, my Ebony camera is….sexy.  She’s also remarkably versatile.  Her bellows extension is much more significant than that of my old Wista.  When I finally combined a new Schneider Kreuznach 58 mm lens( this is really wide for a 4×5 camera) with the remarkable bellows movement of my gorgeous Ebony SV45TE, The image I’d visualized was attainable.  I had multiple overnight trips with my new Ebony View Camera and new Schneider lens which were foiled by the weather gods.  Uggggh!  Last summer, the stars aligned, and I was successful.  I go the shot I was after.  I beautiful sunrise illuminating the stratified spires of Broken Top double up with a near perfect reflection!  I was and am thrilled.  Those lucky hikers who have experienced a summer sunrise from No Name Lake’s rocky shores will appreciate my newest image too!

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