“Autumn Rush”, Metolius River, Central Oregon.
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“Autumn Rush”  Central Oregon’s Metolius River in its fall glory.

For years, I struggled to honor the beauty of Central Oregon’s Metolius River.  In the last two years, I’ve begun to have some success.  One of my favorite Metolius River images to date is, “Metolius Outreach”.  This beautiful landscape photo views downstream and is accented by the autumnal beauty of Oregon’s best fall color three, the Vine Maple.

The Metolius River, one of the Seven Wonders of Central Oregon, is stunning in any season.  Winter is no exception and last year I was fortunate to capture a stunning a wonderful fine art print of the Metolius Winter in Winter from near the Wizard Falls Fish Hatchery.  This image is special because of the stunning blue color of Wizard Falls and the nearly perfect snowfall adding wintry details to the scene.

Despite having created two beautiful fine art photographs of the Metolius in the last two years, I still didn’t feel like I had fully captured the essence of One of the most  beautiful rivers in the world.  Well, this Autumn, I captured the fine art landscape photo of the Metolius River that I’d always visualized, “Autumn Rush”.  This image very much feels like being on the banks of the Metolius River in autumn.  It tells a story.  The glimpse of fall color located on the far left side of the scene is the first chapter.  The old growth Douglas Fir is characteristic of this stunning Oregon river and propels the eye down the silky patterns of this dynamic wild and scenic waterway.  The kaleidoscope of vine maples at the zenith of fall color shepherd the viewer further downstream past the layered forest and moss covered lava rocks.  The intense details, textural variations and the wonderful array of fall color make for a gorgeous fine art print that captures the essence of the Metolius River!

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