“Black Butte Morning”, New Fine Art Photo!

Purchase this Fine Art PhotographBlack Butte is an outlier amongst Central Oregon volcanoes.  Unlike other peaks in the Central Oregon Cascade Crest, Black Butte is symmetrical, it is heavily treed, and it is located considerably east of the other Central Oregon Mountains.  From the northern flanks of Black Butte springs the famed, Metolius River.  Typically, older Cascade Mountains are heavily eroded, exposing hardened cores, which is the case with Three Fingered Jack and Broken Top.  Surprisingly, Black Butte is the oldest of the Central Oregon Cascades.  It was spared glacial erosion and precipitation related erosion because of its position, east of the cascade crest where it avoids heavy winter snow and rain.  At 6,436 ft tall, it is shorter than the more prominent High cascades to the West.  Because of all of these characteristics, Black Butte can be frustrating to photograph.  It is a rounded, delicate, even comforting mountain rather than a vertical, awe-inspiring mountain, such as Oregon’s Mt. Jefferson. I’ve long wanted to add a fine art photograph of Black Butte to my portfolio but until recently, I’ve not found a striking composition of this humble volcano. Let me introduce you to my newest fine art landscape photograph, “Black Butte Morning”!

Beautiful Lupines complete this photo of Black Butte

As a photographer, I spend 50-60 hours per week in search of new compositions of familiar subject.  I was ecstatic when I found these amazing Lupines strategically growing in front of Black Butte with a small pond in the mid-ground.  I returned several times over a two week period, hoping for a peak bloom timed with mist rising on a cold morning interacting with warm pond water!  I finally got what I was after!  Things don’t always work out the way I’d like in my photography world but this time it did!  An astounding grouping of wild lupines at peak bloom, backed by our humble volcano decorated with layers of morning mist, all captured during a warm Central Oregon Sunrise!  To purchase this fine art photograph, visit the the link directly below the image above.  This fine art photograph will largely be displayed in the city of Sisters, Oregon, primarily at the Depot Cafe or Three Creeks Brewing Company, so please check back often and I’ll let you know where it will be exhibited.  To view sizing and pricing options for this beautiful photo, Black Butte Fine Art Print.

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