Face Rock, Bandon Oregon
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Face Rock, Bandon Oregon.

The state of Oregon is absolutely overflowing with weekend getaway options.  I live in Bend, the hub of the recreation blessed Central Oregon region.  Because I have a family and outdoor is on my doorstep, I rarely spend my weekends in the far-flung corners of our beautiful state.  One of the far-flung Oregon locations which continually calls to me is the Oregon Coast town of Bandon.  Brandon Beach has sea stacks like nowhere else I’ve visited.  They are absolutely enchanting.

One of my favorite areas of Bandon is Face Rock State Scenic viewpoint where you get an excellent view of……Face Rock!

Starfish, Bandon Beach, Oregon Coast

Starfish, Bandon Beach


Brandon Beach abounds with wonderful tide pools like the one seen to the left.  Prime viewing times for tide Pools are always at low tide as the oceans rich tidal environments are uncovered during low oceanic coverage.

Starfish, sea anemones, crustaceans and mollusks, and countless fish inhabit the enchanting pockets of life known as tide pools.

Some of my other favorite spots for tide pool viewing along the Oregon Coast include, Cannon Beach and the Samuel Boardman Scenic Byway .

Face Rock is located a short drive south of the charming town of Bandon.  The “Face” itself is quite obvious to most.  In the above image, note the profile of the face looking to the right side of the image.  The smaller water-born sea stacks to the right of Face Rock are known as “The Kittens”, which evokes a wonderful playful image in my mind!  The warm, delicate light I captured on Face Rock and the kittens this morning makes for a gorgeous framed fine art photograph.  Please click the large Blue button directly beneath the Face Rock photograph to explore pricing and purchasing options for this beautiful photograph!

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