Polychrome Pool, Three Sisters Wilderness
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“Polychrome Pool”, Three Sisters Wilderness, Central Oregon.  This enchanted little pool, located high in the Three Sisters Wilderness Area of Central Oregon, has the most colorful collection of rock of any I’ve seen in the state of Oregon!  Photogenic waterfalls, transparent, blue tinted pools, and the aforementioned stream rocks make for a stunning art photograph from one of my favorite areas of Oregon.  This beautiful new fine art has an elegance and color spectrum that will match any decor.  Please click the big blue button above to see purchasing options for this new fine art print.


  1. Hello,

    Your photos are gorgeous! I am planning an Oregon road trip myself. I was trying to find more information on polychrome pool in Three Sister Wilderness but I can’t find how to get there or anything about polychrome. I was wondering how you got there and where polycrome is?

    • Yanet,
      Thanks for your kind note! Because Polychrome Pool is in a very sensitive location and because I’ve received dozens of questions about its location, I’v chosen to Not disclose its location. I hope you understand. Rest assured, there are countless other beautiful locations in the Central Oregon region!
      Have a Wonderfull trip,

  2. Just found your awesome photos on Pinterest. Sheila Putnam Strong born and raised in Connecticut (long lost relation maybe).

    • Sheila,
      Thanks for the kind words about my work, I really appreciate it! Coincidently, my mother’s name is Sheila! My understanding is that my line of Putnams have some history in Connecticut and are descendants of General Israel Putnam. Perhaps we are distant relatives…
      Thanks Again for the note,

  3. U jus warmed my heart. Beautiful picture and awesome u got to visit this location. And that ur keeping it private is even more beautiful. Well to me it is. The gorge was one of my favorite places to visit. My son rests there. And now it’s a shit show. Unfortunately sometimes it’s the best thing to do. Hats off to you

    • Ola,
      Thanks for the kind and understanding note. A lot of people ask where I captured this image. I know it is because they want to go there. they would all tell ten people who would tell ten people and it would soon be overrun and trampled to death. I found this spot while hiking with someone and we both swore we would not share the location for the exact reason I mentioned above.
      I think that many people want to check a box rather than enjoy an adventure, which is too bad. My most rewarding adventures have been when I worked hard and discovered something fresh and new, not when I duplicated someone else’s adventure.
      Thanks Again for your understanding,
      Mike Putnam


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