“Proxy Falls”, Oregon’s favorite waterfall.

Proxy Falls Oregon.

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Oregon is blessed with countless beautiful waterfalls. At 627 feet tall, Multnomah Falls photo is Oregon’s tallest and most visited waterfall.  Tumalo Falls is a Central Oregon favorite, located just 10 miles from downtown Bend.  Oneonta Falls in the Columbia River Gorge is one of the most mystical waterfalls anywhere.  Proxy Falls, however may well be the most favorite waterfall in all of Oregon.

Mossy Steps, Proxy Falls

Moss covered basalt forms elegant stairs steps for falling water at Proxy Falls, near Oregon’s McKenzie Pass.

Located within Oregon’s wonderful Three Sisters Wilderness Area, the hike to Proxy  is beautiful. In spring, the hike is filled with blooming Rhododendron and in autumn, colorful vine maple fill the route to Oregon’s most scenic waterfall.  It is a relatively short 1/2 mile loop which includes a stop a the under-rated Upper Proxy as well as the magnificent Lower Proxy


The Location of Proxy is sublime, and the hike is stunning but it is the endless detail found in the waterfall itself which tantalizes photographers from around the world.  Proxy Falls, while not Oregon’s most visited waterfall, may very well be Oregon’s most beautiful.

Proxy Falls is a 227 foot tall veil-type waterfall composed of geometric shaped volcanic basalt columns.  These basalt columns create mesmerizing flow patterns such as those in the photo to the left.  Photographers can spends days at proxy searching for and finding a myriad of compositions.

Visitors be forewarned…..Proxy can have extremely high flow levels spraying a tremendous volume of spray which has ruined countless digital cameras.  Photographers should stay on the perimeter of the waterfall or feel the wrath of its liquid beauty.

Proxy Falls, The Fine Art Photograph

I had journeyed to Proxy countless times prior to capturing this fine art photograph.  The waterfall has a scale and feel that is hard to captured in a single image.  The outflow is intriguing, the surrounding old growth forest is enchanting and the previously mentioned flow patterns are other-worldly.  Simply magic!  As I capture all of my fine art prints with a 4×5 film camera, my process is very deliberate.  As a large format photographer, I’m accustomed to a meticulous work-rate, but I’m not familiar with a tsunami of spray inundating my archaic camera! After many return trips to Proxy, I eventually optimized my gear to protect against the tremendous spray and thankfully, I came away with this stunning fine art photograph of Proxy Falls.