Resurrection Falls, Three Sisters Wilderness, Oregon.
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Resurrection Falls, Three Sisters Wilderness Area.  To be clear, I didn’t build this waterfall and I’m sure someone has seen it before me but…I don’t know who they are! Unknown to me prior to discovering it, This waterfall is one of the most stunning I’ve ever seen in the state of Oregon or anywhere else for that matter!  As part of my job as a Landscape photographer, I do tireless research in attempts to find new and interesting subject matter.  Normally I’m excited if I find a new composition of an iconic location.  Finding a brand new waterfall( new to me) thrills me beyond belief!  Through my research, I located a “possible” new waterfall.  Yeah, that’s vague.  I’ve been to this region of the Three Sisters Wilderness Area countless times because it holds some very attractive waterfalls. Having studied topographic maps of the area, I noted a tributary of Central Oregon’s Whychus Creek traveling down a steep incline which suggested a possible waterfall.  The maps looked promising so I planned a quest to locate this “possible” waterfall.

Much of my landscape photography research is done in winter when shooting is slower for me.  That being the case with this adventure, I had to wait until spring  for my quest.  Located near the city of Sisters, Oregon, the trailhead to access Resurrection Falls, is located in a dusty burned out area.  I suspect that this trailhead  and the surrounding area was burned in the Pole Creek Fire, the Two Bulls Fire, or perhaps both.  After a couple of miles, the trail ends and the adventure begins.  Arriving at Resurrection Falls requires some brutal climbs, and dangerous terrain.  It requires good map and compass reading skills, knowledge of how to operate a GPS and a high level of physical stamina.  Poor route finding will get you lost quickly in this terrain and put you in some very dangerous locations.  I did not have cell service, so don’t count on that, either.

I had to cross over hundreds of fallen trees, slide down loose slopes and negotiate the tension of not being able to find way markers.  After hours of searching, I found my personal Shangri-La!  Resurrection Falls is located in a beautiful natural amphitheater composed of attractive shale rock.  The falls themselves are…..stunning!

Resurrection Falls, the Landscape Photograph

The braided pattern of the falls makes for a stunning affect as does its bridal veil shape and it’s towering height.  I’d estimate that it is about 125 feet tall.  I captured several different compositions of Resurrection but this is my favorite.  Abundant wildflowers, beautiful rock features, textural variety and an elegant mossy edge on the left side of the falls make for a spectacular composition.  My first fine art print of this striking image is on its way and should arrive in time for my next show, duringBend, Oregon’s First Friday Art Walk, September 2, 2016.  I cannot wait for it to arrive!  Although virtually unknown, this waterfall is spectacular.  In my opinion, it is every bit as photogenic as better known Oregon waterfalls such as Multnomah FallsTumalo Falls and Proxy Falls.  I captured this image with my large format 4×5 film camera ( the same camera I use to caputure all of my fine art prints), so the detail in the print will be impeccable.  To purchase this beautiful fine art photograph, please click the big blue link at the top of the page!


  1. Jeremy Rogue Vlach

    Hi Mike, I’m in for the “Resurrection Falls” print.

    It’s just for my measly office, but our branch REALLY could use some native pieces.

    I was born in Bend, OR to Roger & Leslie Vlach in 1977 (I’m an old timer!).

    Would love to come by and check out your gallery sometime. My # is 541 550 0092.

    I currently work @ Wells Fargo Advisors in Bend w/my dad (37 years in the business, previously Foster & Marshall, Shearson, Smith Barney, etc). I’ve been with him 17 years @ graduated from Lewis & Clark college in PDX (played football w/my bro & majored in business).

    Can’t wait to chat on Monday!

    Jeremy Rogue Vlach

    #native #bendoregon

  2. George M. Alvergue


    Congratulations on your rare waterfall discovery. The epic Three Sisters Wilderness is definitely an awesome place to explore. I am a landscape photographer in Oregon as well, and I share my photos of wilderness areas and raptors on

    I found my secret waterfall in May 2013, in the Upper Puzzle Creek zone on the SW side of Mt. Jefferson. The stretch of wild water above the Marion Creek road is an amazing and steep mossy canyon, and the seldom seen waterfall that I found is a 30-40 ft drop with a powerful flow. It is not that far from the road, but obviously most people just hike to Marion Lake in that area.

    I have seen your website before, and I like your style of photography.
    Again, that is awesome that you found Resurrection Falls. It sounds like you had a tough day of bushwacking to get there.

    Good luck with your future landscape art.


    George M. Alvergue
    Eugene, OR


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