“Sparks Lake Sunrise”

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Sparks Lake is located on the Cascade Lakes Highway, just past Mt. Bachelor, approximately 25 miles from Bend, Oregon. It has long been a favorite of outdoor enthusiasts, including the late Ray Atkeson.  Sparks lake spans 780 acres and is a shallow lake with a maximum depth of less than 10 feet.  It offers stunning view of South Sister and Broken Top Mountain, as seen in this beautiful photo.  While better fishing can be found further down the Cascade Lakes Highway, the Hiking, views, and paddling options at Sparks lake cannot be beat.  I’ve been there countless time during my tenure as a professional photographer based in Bend.  It is simple to get to and offers endless photographic options. During the summer of 2015, I returned there several times in hopes of catching the columbine in bloom.  I eventually succeeded with another new fine art photograph, Sparks Lake Garden, which can be found in my Oregon Mountain Gallery.

Sparks Lake Sunrise, the capture.

Several elements came in to play to make this beautiful fine art photograph.  I had been studying weather patterns for several weeks in hopes of capturing fresh snow on the summits of South Sister and Broken Top but I wanted to avoid an icy lake surface which would spoil the reflection I was hoping to capture.  I went to Sparks several consecutive morning that were predicted to be partially cloudy.  Weather in the Oregon Cascades is a crap shoot at best, so I knew the odds were stacked against me. Well…I got lucky.  Fresh snow in the Oregon Cascades, mist on the surface of the lake made for an elegant composition.  Windless conditions allowed for an impeccable mountain reflection.  Most importantly, gorgeous clouds catching magical morning light allowed for the capture and creation of one of my favorite fine art photographs, Sparks Lake Sunrise!

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