Mike Putnam is a Bend Oregon photographer whose Fine Art Nature and Landscape Photographs celebrate the natural beauty of Oregon. All of his fine art prints were captured with a large format 4x5 film camera which gives his landscape and nature photographs exceptional detail, impressive depth of field and a look and feel which makes them distinct from other photography formats.

Oregon Landscape Photography Blog

New Fine Art Landscape photos!

I am excited to announce the release of two brand new fine art landscape photos during Bend Oregon’s First Friday Art Walk (8/2/19).  I will be sharing my fine art landscape prints at Patagonia at Bend, located at 1000 NW Wall Street.  I’ve done countless First Friday shows with the good folks of Patagonia but […]

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Top 10 Oregon Waterfall Hikes!

Top 10 Oregon waterfall hikes.  Oregon is blessed with an amazing collection of waterfalls, arguably the most impressive  in the United States.  This, of course, means many readers will have a favorite waterfall which is not on my list.  That’s actually good.  It will give me more waterfalls to explore and hopefully photograph.  I’ve ventured […]

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The Seven Wonders of Central Oregon!

The Seven Wonders of Central Oregon…. I love lists…especially outdoor related lists.  Ever since Travel Oregon’s wildly successful Seven Wonders of Oregon campaign, I’ve brainstormed about what would be on my list of the Seven Wonders of Central Oregon.  As I debated and compiled information and images of the locations on this list, I was […]

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