Mike Putnam is a Bend Oregon photographer whose Fine Art Nature and Landscape Photographs celebrate the natural beauty of Oregon. All of his fine art prints were captured with a large format 4×5 film camera which gives his landscape and nature photographs exceptional detail, impressive depth of field and a look and feel which makes them distinct from other photography formats.

Oregon Landscape Photography Blog

Top 10 Oregon Waterfall Hikes!

Top 10 Oregon waterfall hikes.  Oregon is blessed with an amazing collection of waterfalls, arguably the most impressive  in the United States.  This, of course, means many readers will have a favorite waterfall which is not on my list.  That’s actually good.  It will give me more waterfalls to explore and hopefully photograph.  I’ve ventured […]

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Oneonta Gorge, Columbia River Gorge.

As I age( gracefully?) I find that I am drawn back to natural location with a mystical presence.  I’ve been to Oregon’s amazing Oneonta Gorge several times in the past and I’ve only had minimal success from a photographic perspective.  Nonetheless, Oneonta draws me back.  Oneonta Gorge and its climactic Oneonta Falls are located in […]

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Top 10 Fall color Hikes in the Bend, Oregon area!

I’ve probably thought about this list of the best fall color hikes in the Bend, Oregon area way too much.  I love Bend and the Central Oregon area as much as anyone and as a landscape photographer, I’ve done an extraordinary amount of hiking and scouting in the Bend area for photography purposes.  So, with […]

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