I’m excited to announce a new program for business owners in Bend and the Central Oregon area.  I have just started an art leasing program.  The work will of course be my fine art prints. Below is an example of my work framed with my hand crafted Cheery wood frames.  All of my Oregon Fine Art prints are dry mounted, double matted, behind UV glass and framed as you see below.

Bend Oregon Art leasing.

Bend Oregon Art leasing.

A little background regarding my new art leasing program might be helpful to those of you considering new art work for your home or business but you don’t want to commit to the up front purchase price of acquiring new art work.

I have displayed my art work at dozens of different businesses in Oregon and I have a pretty good idea which locations work for me in terms of sales and the fact is that most places do not work for me from a sales perspective.  Because I get several requests weekly from businesses who want to display my work for free in their work place, my new leasing program gives them an option that is not free but does not require a full purchase price for beautiful art work.  Frankly, I incur a big financial loss by displaying my work for free in locations that don’t get hundreds if not thousands of customers passing through in an appropriate inviting environment.  If your business does not get hundreds of visitors daily and you are not geared towards sales, I probably will not consider displaying my work for free in your business.  But…. my leasing program might be perfect for you.

Some terms of my new art leasing program:

My art will be leased at 12% of purchase price to be paid quarterly.  Here is a link to my fine art Prints Purchase prices Oregon Fine Art.

-For instance  If you want to lease five prints which would have a total purchase price of $5,000, the quarterly payment for the lease of those prints would be       $600

– In most instances, there will be a small installation fee and a distance fee based on drive time to the business from Bend Oregon.

-Art will be rotated quarterly or less often if the business owners would like to minimize art movement through their business.  This gives the added bonus of seeing new work in a home or office every quarter.

– Art work for lease can be as small as my 11×14 inch print sizes to as large as my 30×50 inch print size, which has an outside frame dimension of 61inches x 42 inches.

Bend Oregon art for lease.

Bend Oregon art for lease.

If you have questions or would like a consult about my art leasing program please do not hesitate to contact me at 541-610-4815 or email me at info@mikeputnamphoto.com.