New Photography exhibit at Fix and Repeat!

At the Box Factory, Mill Quarter, Bend Oregon

I’m excited to announce my newest landscape photography exhibit at Fix & Repeat, located in the Box Factory at 555 Northwest Arizona Ave, Bend Oregon. Below is an image of the 30 foot long “Art shelf” at Fix and Repeat.  The light bright, modern interior of this delicious eatery is the perfect location for displaying my popular metal prints. This beautiful exhibit includes four 30×48 inch prints and three 24×30 inch prints all of which are ready to hang on the wall of your home or office.

Bend Oregon photography exhibit

Photography exhibit at Fix & Repeat, Box Factory, Bend, Oregon

Fix & Repeat specializes in creating elegant, invigorating, plant-based dishes that are good for you, and the planet. Smoothie Bowls, Toasts, Macro Bowls , Juices and Smoothies are some of the featured items on their Health-centric menu.

From Fix & Repeat’s website:

FIX & REPEAT means more than just to Fix (repair) your body and Repeat your sport again. We also strive to fix the planet and the community around us. We want you to always feel like eating at FIX & REPEAT is making you, and the world, a little better every time. It all starts with plant based (vegan) eating. Simply by leaving animals off your plate, you save immense resources including water and land, and you greatly reduce your carbon footprint. As an added benefit, no animals will be harmed, and we love animals. Also, an animal product free body can recover faster from workouts, digest better and operate more efficiently, which can result in a boost in athletic performance.

We also strive for a better planet by donating to organizations that work tirelessly to make a difference.

All of the metal prints being exhibited at Fix & Repeat are for sale. You can find pricing information and the story behind the capturing of each of these fine art landscape photographs by clicking the title of the print which is located below each individual image.  For immediate purchasing of the prints at Fix and Repeat, call or text me directly at 541.610.4815 and I can share my venmo address, you can deposit the appropriate amount and the print can be yours!

Included in this fine art landscape photography exhibit are the following metal prints:

sparks lake,bend oregon,sunrise,cascade lakes highway, oregon water

“Sparks Lake Sunrise”

Broken Top Mountain, alpine wildflowers,Oregon wildflowers

“Broken Top Eruption”

Oregon's Three Sisters Mountains,photo,print,fine art,

“Oregon’s Three Sisters”

Tumalo Falls Bend Oregon,Waterfall,fine art print, photo,

“Summer Celebration, Tumalo Falls”

Three Sisters wilderness Area, summit sunrise

“Summit Sunrise”

Mt. Jefferson Wilderness, Oregon mountains, Oregon wildflowers, Oregon Landscape photographer

“Mt Jefferson Wilderness”

Serpentine Stream, South Sister, Three Sisters Wilderness, Oregon

“Serpentine Stream”

If you are in the Central Oregon area and you would like to eat some healthy, delicious food and view some gorgeous Central Oregon landscape photographs, Please stop by Fix & Repeat and tell them I sent you!