The following fine art greeting card of Central Oregon’s Broken Top Mountain has become one of my signature shots and includes one of the best wildflower displays you will find in Oregon.  I’ve hiked around Broken Top dozens of times and I’ve always found some beautiful subject matter for photography purposes but the day I captured this fine art picture was one of the best days I’ve had in quite some time.  I had scouted around the flanks of Broken Top Mountain several times the previous week but light and wind had not cooperated with me while at the same scene from this greeting card.

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Broken Top Greeting Cards/Note Cards

I knew the Monkeyflowers and the Indian Paintbrush would be at their peak on this morning but the weather was questionable.  I awoke at about 4AM with a contingency plan in mind.  If the clouds and weather were cooperating, I’d make the long drive up to Broken Top and shoot the scene above.  If the weather was less cooperative, I’d shoot at Sparks Lake which offered South Sister, and some potential macro wildflower photography.  When I arrived at Sparks Lake Photograph The weather couldn’t make up its mind.  I could periodically see the pinnacles of Broken Top with the remainder of the mountain shrouded in clouds.  Knowing that the right clouds can make for an exceptional Landscape photograph, I decided to gamble and make the long drive and then hike to the above location, all before sunrise.  When I arrive exhausted, the mountain was entirely cloud covered.  I decided to shoot some macro flower images and as I set up, something miraculous happened.  The clouds quickly began to raise, but just enough remained to create the above fine art photograph.  It became just the scene I’d hoped for when I visualized the shot the previous day under bad light.  I was thrilled!  My exposures were long, with many over 10 seconds but the wind mostly cooperated and I captured the scenic landscape images for which I was hoping.  In addition to the above fine art greeting card, I also captured a great fine art print with my large format 4×5 camera that morning.  To see the fine art print from that morning, please visit the following link.  Broken Top Photo

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I’ve got three more note cards to announce in my initial line of 8 Central Oregon Cascade Mountain greeting cards.  The cards have gone to print and should be available before the end of the month.  If you are interested in buying them, please visit this site often as I’ll definitely make an announcement here when they are available.  As I’ve mentioned before, if anyone has suggestions regarding other Bend area locations that they would like to see immortalized in my next set of Central Oregon greeting Cards, please let me know by leaving a comment at the end of this blog entry, or email me via the contact tab on the upper right hand corner of this website.  Some of the suggestions I’ve had so far have included Tumalo Falls, Shevlin Park, Mirror Pond, the Metolius River, the Deschutes River, and Smith Rock State Park.  If you have any other suggestions, please let me know.  Until next time.

Take Care,

Mike Putnam