I am proud to announce that one of my fine art prints, “Broken Top Sunrise” is now on display at Central Oregon’s High Desert Museum.  The High Desert Museum is a phenomenal resource for Bend and the whole High Desert region.  The High Desert Museum elegantly utilizes history, wildlife and natural resources to foster a greater appreciation of conservation and preservation in both Central Oregon and the Intermountain west.  Below is an image of my fine art print, “Broken Top Sunrise” which is currently on display at the High Desert Museum.

Art at the High Desert Museum

Art at the High Desert Museum

The exhibit that my print is part of is about invasive species in the High Desert.  Predictably, the exhibit is extremely well organized and laid out.  It is a great combination of  material that is visually stimulating, entertaining, and educational.  Coincidentally, my print is a documentation of native species of

High Desert Museum Logo

High Desert Museum

wildflowers thriving in the Bend, Oregon area.  It is not intended to represent invasive species, but rather the beauty of native species.

My print, “Broken Top sunrise” was captured high on the flanks of Broken Top Mountain, not far from the Broken Top Trail.  it is an image that I worked very hard to get.  Many separate scouting trips, both before and after sunrise were required to appropriately plan and compose this photograph.  It is one of my favorite locations in the Bend, Oregon area and it is one that I am honored to share with the High Deseert Museum!  For information about my Broken Top Sunrise image or any of the many other fine art prints in my portfolio, please visit the galleries page of my website by visiting the following link. Fine Art Landscape photographs.  Incidentally, you can find my line of Bend Oregon Note Cards in the Silver Sage Trading Store located just just a few feet away from where my print is currently hanging in the museum.  For more information about my note cards please visit my note cards page.  Bend, Oregon Note Cards.
I hope that the good folks at the High Desert Museum are half as happy to have the print as I am to share the print.
thanks for Visiting and I’ll see you at the museum!
Mike Putnam