The following  Three Fingered Jack Greeting Card is the second greeting card in the series of eight Central Oregon Cascade Mountain images.  This picture was captured in the Upper Canyon Creek Meadow area high on the flanks of Three Fingered Jack Mountain, which is located in the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness area of the Central Oregon Cascades.

Three-Fingered-Jack-Greeting Card

Greeting Card of Central Oregon’s Three Fingered Jack from Canyon Creek Meadow

This scenic picture was captured during a backpacking trip I took with my wife, Debbie and our daughter, Emma.  It is wonderful hike that passes through several different climate zones during the short 3.5 mile hike in to the lower Canyon Creek Meadow where we camped that evening.  Emma was a trooper and as usual Debbie was patient with my landscape photography obsession.  Because of heavy snowpack from the previous winter, I didn’t end up with the picture I’d envisioned but instead got this gem of a photograph.  The Mountain heather grouping with red indian paintbrush sprinkled and a backdrop of three Fingered Jack make for a wonderful composition with with great color and texture to finish off this image.  For those of you who haven’t been to the Canyon creek area near Three fingered Jack, it is a great short dayhike with excellent overnight options.  Three Fingered Jack has several different shapes depending upon the location you are viewing it from which is part of what makes it one of my favorite Central Oregon Mountains.  High and to the left of this art card’s coverage, is a small alpine tarn which holds small ice bergs until late in the summer.  For more great Three Finger Jack pictures, please visit the Mountain Gallery on my website.  Mountain Gallery  If you would lie to order this or any of the other art cards in my Central Oregon Cascades Mountain collection, please check back soon as the cards have been ordered and they will available soon.  Please check back to this site soon to see the next image in my new greeting card series.

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