Continuing on in my series of new greeting cards which will soon be released, I’ll share a photo of Oregon’s Mt. Washington, one of the lesser recognized of the Central Oregon volcanoes. Oregon Mount Washington Photo has its own wilderness area and is easily visible from both Santiam Pass and McKenzie pass.  From along Santiam Pass and high above Suttle Lake, Mt. Washington has a shape somewhat reminiscent to the Matterhorn, but of course in a smaller version.  It is a beautiful mountain.  One of my favorite views of this scenic mountain is seen from near Suttle Lake  which is located  east of Santiam Pass.  Cabin Lake is where I captured the following image which is represented in my soon to be released line of Central Oregon Greeting Cards.

Mt. Washington Greeting Card

Greeting Card of Central Oregon’s Mt. Washington with a fresh coating of autumn snow.


Suttle Lake is a great recreational location offering camping, hiking, fishing, boating and great mountain views of Mt. Washington.  I captured this Oregon Landscape photo last fall after an autumn snow covered the alpine areas high above the lake.  To view some other pictures I took on this same colorful evening along the shores of Big lake click this link Mt. Washington Photos.  This was one of many great photos I took that evening.  The photography conditions were exceptional for several reasons.  First, it is a great location for landscape photography regardless of the conditions. Second, the freshly fallen snow made for a much more detailed and interesting scene, giving is a more alpine look and feel.  Third, the clouds were awesome, as was the sunset light which changed dramatically by the minute(see the previous link for some examples).  Lastly, there was very little wind, allowing a wonderful mountain reflection of Mt. Washington in the still waters of Big Lake.  This is one of my favorite compositions from that beautiful evening and also one of my wife, Debbie’s favorites.  I think it is a great representation of Oregon’s Mt. Washington on a gorgeous evening and it will be well received in my new line of Central Oregon Cascade Mountain Greeting Cards.  Please check back as there will be two more Central Oregon mountains covered in the next few days before my Art Cards arrive and are available.

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