Central Oregon's Mount Washington

Central Oregon’s Mount Washington

For those of you who who will be in downtown Bend, Oregon tonight for the First Friday Art Walk, please stop by and see me at Patagonia Of Bend(formerly Pandora’s backpack).  The above image of Central Oregon’s Mt. Washington is one of the several images that will be on display at Patagonia.   Art walks typically last from 5-9pm but things may close early if there isn’t much traffic in the Downtown Bend area.

Oregon's Sparks Lake at Sunrise

Oregon’s Sparks Lake at Sunrise

I’ll have the above image of Sparks Lake on display, it is one of the best sparks lake photos I’ve ever taken, so hurry on down and take a look!  As is usually the case, Patagonia of Bend will have a white wine of some sort available.  Their wines are wonderful for removing paint and other debris from under your finger nails and I’m told that their wines are very effective as a solvent to remove pine pitch from dog fur or from the hood of your car.  So if you have any solvent needs, come on down and grab a glass of Rod’s handy wine!

Mount Jefferson

Mount Jefferson

The above photograph of Mt. Jefferson will also be on display at the First Friday Art walk tonight at Patagonia of Bend.  It is one of the best Oregon landscape photographs I’ve ever taken, and I’ll have a large framed version on display tonight!  If you are lucky, you might get to meet Patagonia’s manager, Mo. Mo is wonderful.  Helpful, personable, funny and empowering.  If you meet her, tell her I said she is awesome!

Oregon's Cascades at Sunrise

Oregon’s Cascades at Sunrise

The above photograph of Central Oregon’s Cascade Mountains is one of my personal favorites.  Taken from the highest point in the “true” Central Oregon area, the summit of South Sister, I definitely earned this shot.  I’ll have a large framed 30×50 inch print of this image downtown tonight.  While at the Art Walk tonight, try to say hello to Rod Bien, the owner of both Patagonia of Bend and Fleet Feet of Bend.  Rod is a famous ultramarathoner, father, husband and retail giant.  Despite his fame, the real reasons we love Rod are his crooked legs, his affable personality, and his horrendous taste in wine.  If you are fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of his legs, notice the resemblance to to the famous yet crooked legged racehorse, Seabiscuit.  It’s uncanny!

Bend, Oregon's Shevlin Park

Bend, Oregon’s Shevlin Park

The above image of Bend, Oregon’s Shevlin Park will also be on display tonight at Patagonia of Bend.  Even if you don’t get to taste the awful wine and even if you don’t get to see Rod’s crooked legs, I think you will enjoy my photography, so please stop by tonight and say hello.

For those of you who have never been to one of my shows at Patagonia of Bend, they are located at 920 NW Bond St, in downtown Bend, Oregon.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see some of you tonight!

Mike Putnam