Thanks to some friends, I was recently alerted that there were a lot of Mariposa Lilies blooming on their property.  Because these lilies are relatively rare and they are truly elegant looking, I was excited about the prospects.  I visited several times and took several images with my Big Rig.  The below image was captured with my digital camera.  I hope the images with my large format camera turn out well so I can make large format prints from them. Purchase this Mariposa Lilies Photo

maripos lilies,high desert,wildflowers

Mariposa Lilies bloom in the high desert near Bend, Oregon

In some years it is rare to find any mariposa lilies blooming.  Because of our wet spring in the Oregon High Desert, there were quite a few blooming this year but having two healthy mariposa blooms in the same composition was still rare.  Having two vibrant blooms, with a few as of yet unopened blooms, adds an optimistic feel to this image.  I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that the film from my large format camera turn out well.  If anyone finds any good groupings of Mariposa lilies, please let me know!

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Mike Putnam