I’m very excited to introduce a beautiful new fine art photograph,” Morning Glory”.  This image of Central Oregon’s famed Three Sisters Mountains was a long time in the making.  My wife Debbie and I have lived in Central Oregon for 18 years and have been fortunate to gaze upon the Three Sisters almost daily.  Each of the Three Sisters, “Faith, Hope and Charity”, are over 10,000 feet tall and their close proximity to each other make them a stunning site.  Despite their apparent beauty, The Sisters offer some photographic difficulty.  When they are all captured in the same scene, they form a thin, panoramic layout making for rather flat presentation.  Ever since we first moved to Central Oregon, I’ve been pursuing an image of the Three Sisters that captures them the way that they feel when a person views them in real life.  To appropriately honor their grandeur, I’ve sought a great shooting location with a clear view of the Sisters, with forest in the foreground, good snow conditions, and most importantly a sunrise which offers warm,early light hitting the mountains AND, an engaging cloud pattern that leads the viewer into the sky and back to my favorite mountains.

Morning-GloryThe Morning I captured “Morning Glory”, was the morning I’d been waiting on for 18 years!  A wonderful location, great snow conditions and an amazing cloud formation rising over the Three Sisters all converged in this special fine art photograph.  You need to see it in person to appreciate how beautiful it is!  To see a larger version of this image and to see the rest of the fine art prints I offer in my Oregon Mountain portfolio, please visit  Bend Oregon Cascade Mountain Gallery.

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