This beautiful Mt. Jefferson Greeting Card is part of my line of Central Oregon Cascades greeting cards.  The cards have allegedly been printed and are in route to Bend but the shipping will take several more days.  I’m in the process of setting up e-commerce options on my website and finding appropriate shipping boxes for my cards.  It will take until nearly the end of the month but things are progressing rapidly.  The following image is one of my favorites of all the fine art images I’ve ever taken.  It includes my favorite mountain, Mt. Jefferson, an incredible alpine flower meadow and a stunning lenticular cloud cap filling out this spectacular cascade mountain scene.

Mt. Jefferson Wilderness Greeting Card

Greeting Card of Oregon’s Mt. Jefferson and an amazing field of alpine wildflowers.

As an avid gardener, this scene is especially special for me.  I always hope to find flower filled foregrounds but I rarely find them despite hundreds of hours of blind but hopeful backcountry wandering.  I had visited this exact location with my friend , photographer, and fellow beer sommelier, Troy McMullin a few days prior to the day I shot this image.  I realized that the flowers would be optimal in a few days so I decided to return.  In between, I took a short backpacking trip to Oregon’s Mt. Hood.  I knew that the light would be best for my Mt. Jefferson scene in the evening and I knew that it was a long way and a lot of vertical gain to reach this scene so I decided to go light and fast, trimming my pack weight to about 30 pounds.  I knew I would be hiking out in the dark of night so I double checked the batteries for my headlamps and grabbed some extra food for my hike out.

I was extremely eager to get back to this scene so I hiked in very rapidly.  It is about a 9 mile one way hike to this location which also requires extensive off trail scrambling and a good GPS reading to find.  When I arrived I was thrilled and immediately set up my tripod and began composing the scene.  As I worked the scene, something fantastic began to happen.  A small lenticular cloud began to form over the summit of Mt. jefferson.  I couldn’t believe my good fortune.  Lenticular clouds often hold dense, artistic patterns but it is very difficult to predict their formation.  They virtually always improve a landscape photograph.  Clear blue skies are happy, but are somewhat boring and common in the world of Oregon Landscape Photography.  The formation of this lenticular cloud was too good to be true!  I nervously but frantically shot the scene and eventually captured what I think is one of the best Oregon landscape photos I’ve ever seen.  To be able to enjoy this phenomenal scene was a wonderful experience.  To be able to capture this scene on film was truly a gift!

After exposing all of the 4×5 film with my large format camera, I quietly enjoyed the scene and then quickly hiked out as darkness fell.  I floated down the trail remembering the scene I’d just captured.  In addition to this being one of my favorite landscape Photos, it has been well received by others.  This same image will soon grace the cover of Visit Bend’s annual tourism guide for the Central Oregon area.  To take a sneak peak at the cover please visit this link Visit Bend Cover.  The link will take you to a previous blog entry I wrote about the cover shot on our Pacific Crest Stock Photography blog.  To see this fine art photograph in a framed version, please visit the Visit Bend visitor center in downtown Bend.  Their address is:  917 Harriman Street   Bend, Oregon    97701    They currently have this image on display and they will soon carry my line of Central Oregon Cascade Greeting Cards.

Please check back to this blog in a couple of days as I have one more greeting card to announce and a final announcement when the greeting cards are officially for sale, hopefully by the end of April.

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Mike Putnam