As winter has taken its seasonal grasp over Central, Oregon, I begin an annual review of my Autumn images from 2010.  Fall is perhaps my favorite season and it is often spectacular in the Bend, Oregon area.  It always surprises me when visitors ask if there is any fall color in Central Oregon.  Our incredible diversity of fall color surpasses most areas of the country.  Between vine maples along Santiam Pass, Huckleberries and blueberries in alpine meadows, sugar maples and larch trees in Bend’s Drake Park, and flourishes of riparian color along streams and rivers in the Bend area, the opportunities for fall color peeping are countless. Both of the following Deschutes River Photos will compliment my Oregon Rivers, Lakes and Streams Gallery My best fall color photos from this recently passed season were from the riparian areas along our Deschutes River.  The Deschutes River Trail south of the city of Bend is a recreational wonderland.

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Fall color flourishes along the Deschutes River trail, near Bend, Oregon.

The area from the Old Mill District to Benham Falls offers phenomenal Mountain Biking, hiking, and fishing options all close to our fair city.  Every year, the Deschutes River Trail is on my list of autumn photography exploratory locations and this was perhaps the most colorful year along the Deschutes River Trail(DRT) since my arrival in Bend 12 years ago.  I photographed in several locations along the DRT this fall and the image above is one of my favorites.  I’m still awaiting the transparencies from my 4×5 camera, but I’m optimistic that there will be images worthy of a new large format fine art print.  The small thumbnail seen above doesn’t really do justice to the color and the wonderful array of textures that were present in the scene.  Regardless, I’m optimistic about the potential results from my large format camera.

The next Photograph is also of Central Oregon’s beloved Deschutes River but it was taken from closer to the city of Redmond, Oregon.  The thing that drew me to this off-trail photography location was the lichen covered rocks more so than the autumn hued Deschutes River seen far below.

Deschutes River near Redmond, Oregon

Deschutes River near Redmond, Oregon

These two images are another example of the amazing geographical diversity  found in the Central Oregon area.  The first Photograph from the Deschutes River Trail shows a river lined with fir, spruce and ponderosa pine trees while the second photo, taken about 20 miles away shares an arid desert river canyon with a narrow fringe of riparian color and a sparse smattering of juniper trees.  The rugged desert rocks are really the star of this second Deschutes River photo and I hope that my large format camera is able to capture the stunning detail in this craggy scene.

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