Silver Falls State Park is an amazing gem  and at over 9,000 acres, it is Oregon’s largest State Park. Located near the town of Silverton, Silver Falls State Park is a rain forest wonderland boasting 10 different waterfalls along its “Trail of Ten Falls”, Which is an 8.7 mile trail along Silver Creek.  The trail is simply stunning and I’m convinced that this amazing state park would be a national park were it located anywhere else in the United States.  The second highest of all the waterfalls in Silver Falls  State Park is “South Falls”, which is seen below in my newest Fine Art Print.

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Silver Falls State Park photo

Silver-Falls-State-Park fine art print, South Falls

With a 177 ft vertical drop, South Falls is Silver Falls’ most visited and I believe most photogenic waterfall.  Certain landscapes have an inherently beautiful composition, such as Scott Lake Oregon which reflects Oregon’s Three Sisters Mountains as well as Central Oregon’s iconic Sparks Lake.  South Falls falls into this elite category of elegantly composed Oregon landscapes.  Its impressive and elegant vertical drop will create a stunning effect in a large framed print.  I captured this beautiful fine art photograph of South falls with my 4×5 film camera, allowing for a depth of detail that can only be captured with a large format film camera.  For more information about my 4×5 film camera, visit this link, Large format photographer.  If you’d like to place an order for this fine art print of Silver Falls State Park or any of the other images in my landscape photography collection, please call me at (541) 610-4815

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