I recently got some of my 4×5 film developed and one of my images of frosted maple leaves is one I am very excited about.  Late autumn can often be a frustrating time to capture beautiful photographs yet it is a very distinctive time of year.  Fall in Bend, Oregon is often characterized by warm days and clear cold nights.  Frosty nights are the norm, especially in late autumn. Purchase this photo of Frosted Maple Leaves

frost,maple leaves,bend oregon

Frosted maples leaves, Bend, Oregon

My fine art print of maple leaves from this morning won’t look exactly like this, actually, it will look better.  my large format transparency has a better range of color and amazing detail along the frosty edges of the maple leaves.  This image really captures the beauty of a transitional time of year in my home town of Bend, Oregon.  I hope everyone loves the print when it comes out!


Mike Putnam