My New Oregon Greeting Cards have arrived!  Four new greeting cards which beautifully capture the beauty of Bend and the Central Oregon Region. All of these Oregon Greeting Cards are 5×7 and if you purchase them from my website, envelopes are included.  To see my entire collection, visit,  Oregon Greeting Cards. The print quality of these new cards is excellent, as is the case with all of my cards. Below you will find photos of the new cards.

Aspen Trees Greeting Card/Note Card. Deschutes National Forest, near Bend, Oregon

Aspen Trees Greeting Card/Note Card. Deschutes National Forest, near Bend, Oregon

This beautiful image of an aspen grove near my home in Bend, Oregon is one of best selling fine art landscape photographs.  It also is included in the prestigious Sierra Club Wilderness Calendar for 2016.  Follow the included link to learn more about the inclusion of this beautiful image in the Sierra Club Calendar October 2016. 

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If you are interested in purchasing a fine art print of this beautiful photograph, please visit the product page for this image.  On the product page you will find print surface options such as traditional fine art photograph, Metal prints, Acrylic face-mounted prints and canvas prints.  Aspen Grove Photo

The fine art photograph of this is absolutely stunning as is the Greeting Card.  All of my Greeting cards are blank on the inside and have information about the location where the image was captured on the back of the greeting card.

"Fourth of July" Greeting card

Greeting cards of Oregon’s Mt. Jefferson at sunset on the Fourth of July.

“Fourth of July” Greeting Card.  This Beautiful image includes Oregon’s Mt. Jefferson in the background and a stunning foreground of alpine wildflowers. Beargrass, lupines, Penstemon, and red Indian Paintbrush all make for a stunning Greeting Card.This beautiful photo of Mt. Jefferson is completed by a stunning lenticular cloud cap over the summit of Mt. Jefferson.

Purchase this Mt. Jefferson Greeting Card  Like all of my Greeting Cards, this image is available as a framed fine art photograph.  Mt. Jefferson  Photograph.Another new Oregon Greeting Card includes the magical Deschutes River.  The Deschutes River extends over 250 miles from Little Lava Lake locate along the Cascade Lakes Highway to the mighty Columbia River.

Deschutes River Greeting Card Note Card

Deschutes River Greeting Card Note Card

The image for this beautiful Deschutes River Greeting Card was captured along the Deschutes River Trail, just minutes away from Bend, Oregon.

The mesmerizing flow patterns in the Deschutes River combined with warm fall color along the banks of the Deschutes make for a stunning greeting card.

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Notice the Heart-shaped flow pattern in the lower left are of this photograph!  To purchase a framed photograph of this image, visit Deschutes River in Autumn.The Deschutes River Trail offers exceptional recreational opportunities for the city of Bend and this greeting card is the perfect way to share the beauty of the Deschutes River with friends and Family.  The Three Sisters mountains, “Faith, Hope and Charity”, more commonly referred to as North Sister, Middle Sister and South Sister dominate the skyline in the Central Oregon area.

Three Sisters Greeting Card

Three Sisters Greeting Cards, Central Oregon.

As all of the Three Sisters stand over 10,000 feet tall, they are hard to miss when driving or hiking in the Central Oregon area.  Each of the Three Sisters have their own glaciers and they form the foundation for the beautiful  and popular Three Sisters Wilderness Area.

The image for this Three Sisters Greeting Cards was captured in the Deschutes National Forest, Near the city of Sisters, Oregon.

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To view purchasing options for the fine art print of this beautiful image, visit “Morning Glory”, Three Sisters.  If you are a business which would like to make a large purchase of my greeting cards, please contact me for special rates on purchase of over 100 greeting cards.   [contact-form][contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Email’ type=’email’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Website’ type=’url’/][contact-field label=’Comment’ type=’textarea’ required=’1’/][/contact-form]