Proxy Falls is the kind of waterfall one never forgets.  It is frequently included on lists of the world’s most beautiful waterfalls.  I’ve traveled to Proxy falls countless times in the last 15 years, including five times this past summer, purely for the sake of capturing the photograph you see below.  Multiple times I was virtually washed away by monsoon like spray caused by heavy spring snow melt.  Other times I simply missed my mark.  On the day I captured what will be my next fine art print, I actually wore fly fishing waders because I knew I would be spending extended periods of time wading knee deep in frigid mountain water while focusing and adjusting my 4×5 large format film camera.

Proxy Falls, Three Sisters Wilderness Area, Oregon

Proxy Falls, Three Sisters Wilderness Area, Oregon

Proxy Falls is located on Oregon highway 242, west of Mckenzie Pass.  The parking area is clearly marked as is the trail head.  The short 2 mile loop winds through moss covered lava fields and stunning old growth forests.  Spring brings wonderful displays of rhododendron  and beargrass blooms while fall is celebrated with the oranges and reds of vine maples in their autumnal finery.  The smaller and less heralded Upper Proxy Falls is also a worthy side hike on the Proxy Falls loop. To view more of my fine art prints, visit, Oregon Waterfall Photos.

I worked extremely hard to get what I think will be one of my more popular fine art prints.  Aside from the satisfaction that comes from completing an arduous task, I’m excited about the aesthetics of this Landscape photograph.  The Hint of color on the submerged rock  at the bottom of the image as well as the verdant moss covered rocks make for an excellent foreground.  The downed log in the mid ground adds an attractive diagonal line  as well as some textural diversity to this landscape print.  Finally, this photo has as good of a background as I’ve ever found for a waterfall photograph.  Stunning lines and textures of water cascading 226 feet over volcanic basalt columns.  I love the combination of visual scenery that this beautiful Oregon waterfall provides and I can’t wait to have my first large prints of this amazing waterfall framed.  To purchase a fine art photograph of this image, please visit, Proxy Falls fine art print.

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