Earlier this summer, I was contacted by a old college buddy, Rod Simpson who asked me to join him on a backpacking trip to Central Oregon’s Three Sisters Wilderness Area.  Because my hometown of Bend, Oregon is on the edge of the Three Sisters Wilderness Area, I’ve been there many times and I have some in depth knowledge of the area and its beauty. This beautiful new fine art landscape photograph is entitled, “Serpentine Stream”.


Serpentine Stream, Three sisters Oregon

Serpentine Stream, Three sisters Wilderness, Central Oregon.

The opportunity to catch up with my friend Rod and to get to know his friends Bob and Jessie , his brother, Matt and his brother-in Law, Froy was irresistible.  I recruited my good buddy and photographer, Troy, to help me “guide” our eastern visitors.  Because of the low snow level prior to the trip, we were concerned about trail conditions but we forged ahead with our plans to enter the Three Sisters Wilderness Area undaunted.  Troy and I met our visitors, I will collectively and lovingly refer to as “Buckeye Nation” at a juncture of the Pacific Crest Trail in the Three Sisters Wilderness Area.  We found our friends without incident but we were already flirting with the snow line.  Our route would take us south and it turns out we hiked almost entirely on snow that first day.  The next day, our planned route offered nothing but more snow and potentially treacherous hiking conditions.  Instead we opted  to blaze a trail to some lower elevation meadows where the terrain was blissfully verdant and laden with endless wildflowers.  On a side hike, I found the wonderful scene you see above, which I will soon release as a fine art print.  For me, this image captures the Joy of leaving endless snowfields and entering  Eden-like flower filled meadows with old and new friends alike.

As a side note, our friends of “Buckeye Nation”  were wonderful, fun-loving, adventurous, glass is half-full hiking companions.  I’ll backpack again with them as soon as possible.  I hope my readers and collectors enjoy this new image and think of the winding S-curves of beautiful mountain stream as a re-telling of their own backcountry adventures.  Thanks again to “Buckeye Nation” for their visit to the Three Sisters Wilderness and my home in Bend, Oregon.

Thanks for Visiting,