New Oregon Coast Fine Art Prints!

New Oregon Coast Landscape Photography from Bandon Beach and Pacific City Oregon

My Home state of Oregon has amazing geographic diversity expressed by distinct terrain and vibrant ecosystems. Old growth rain forests, alpine glaciers, desert canyons, lush farmland and the glorious Oregon Coast can all be reached with a few hours drive time. As I live in the high desert of Central Oregon, the Oregon Coast is the most distant geographic attraction from my home.  I’ve made a concerted effort in the past two years to make the long 4 hour drive( poor me, right?) to the Oregon Coast when I see good weather windows.  Recently, I’ve been very fortunate with weather windows and landscape photography on the Oregon Coast.

craftsman house Bend Oregon

Craftsman style home,Bend Oregon

Although it is a considerable drive from our home in Bend, Oregon,Bandon Beach is one of my favorite Oregon Coast locations.  The seastacks at Bandon Beach are second to none.

My recent road trip to Bandon, Oregon  was planned on the spur of the moment based upon twice daily weather forecast analysis.

Bandon is often referred to as a “Banana Belt”, a geographic location gifted with frequent good weather patterns dictated by topography.

Recently, I definitely benefitted from the Banana belt effect.  60 degrees, sunny and windless is good Oregon Coast

Bandon Beach fine art photos,Bandon Beach photographer

Ancient seastacks awaken with Morning’s first light, Bandon Beach, Oregon

weather in July and it is a gift in December!  My newest Oregon Coast Fine art print, entitled “Beachhenge” was visualized years ago during a family getaway.

During my previous trip to Bandon, I was NOT graced with the Banana Belt effect. The light was gray and heavy with a steady drizzle.  The wonderful grouping of seaside sea stacks you see in this fine art print is mesmerizing. Clean smooth, reflective sand and a low marine cloud layer holding the warm glow of Morning’s first light make for an elegant,contemplative fine art print of the the beautiful Oregon Coast.

Wizard's Hat ,Bandon Oregon fine art prints,photos,photographer

Wizard’s Hat Bandon Oregon

Bandon Beach has many famous sea stacks but perhaps none more famous than the Wizard’s Hat pictured here with morning’s first light illuminating its serrated pinnacle.  This stunning formation with its impossibly sharp apex is located near waters edge, allowing for an intriguing interplay of soft -textured Pacific Ocean waves with the severe rocky surface of Wizard’s Hat. I love the juxtaposition of those varying textures which make for one of my favorite  new Oregon Coast fine art prints.

Pacific City Sunset,landscape photos,Cape Kiwanda,phhotographer,Oregon Coast,Haystack Rock,Beach,fine art photos,fine art prints,Fine art landscape photographer,Mike Putnam

Sunset over Haystack Rock and Cape Kiwanda, Pacific City Oregon

Another recent road trip I made to Oregon’s charming Coast was to the Central Coast playground of Pacific City Oregon. We traveled with family friends to Pacific City where we were welcomed by fair but overcast weather. We enjoyed wonderful company, and beachside adventures and on our last evening we had the good fortune to enjoy this amazing Pacific City Sunset

Sunsets on the Oregon Coast are often encumbered by a low marine layer of clouds to the west which dampen the colors of sunset. On this magical evening, I was fortunate enough to have a low break in the marine layer which allowed warm sunset light through.

An ebb tide allowed for retreating waves which provided the mirror-like surface on the beach, magnifying an already magical sunset. I was thrilled and shot the same scene repeatedly as clouds flirted around the distant haystack rock and Cape Kiwanda, seen to the right. To find larger versions of these same images and for purchasing information about them, please visit my  Oregon Coast Gallery . 

On my gallery page you can click on the individual landscape photos to enlarge them, which also opens up two drop-down menus where you can select fine art print surfaces and fine art print sizes. Please feel free to email me directly if you have any questions about my work or if you have any difficulty purchasing fine art photographs from my website.