Last summer, My wife ,Debbie, My Daughter, Emma and I made what has become an annual overnight pilgrimage to one of my favorite camping locations, Canyon Creek Meadows, at the base of Central Oregon’s Three Fingered Jack Mountain.  I visit this location at least once per summer because it is beautiful, relatively easy to access, and I always find some interesting photographic scenery.  Three Fingered Jack is itself a gorgeous mountain which has colorful volcanic striations decorating its rocky towers.  Canyon Creek Meadows, located on the eastern flank of Three Fingered Jack always has a strong wildflower display and in some years it is stunning.  This year(2009) was definitely a stunning year.  The Lupine meadows were the best I’ve seen in the 10 years I’ve been hiking to this phenomenal location.

Picture of Canyon Creek Meadow and Three Fingered Jack in the Oregon Cascades

Picture of Canyon Creek Meadow and Three Fingered Jack in the Oregon Cascades

As a Bend Oregon photographer, this location is a must see.  I certainly can’t promise that the flowers will be as stunning as they are in the picture seen above, but even if the oregon wildflowers aren’t blooming, the scenery is breath taking.  I will introduce a fine art print of the landscape photograph seen above on the first Friday in January at the Volcano Vineyards Tasting room located on 126 Minnesota St in Downtown Bend, Oregon.  I hope to see some of you there!  Scott and Liz, the owners, and operators of Volcano Vineyards, are funny,smart, and talented people who have the courage to operate a winery out of the high desert town of Bend.  They wouldn’t know it until now but they are my heros!  I’d love to have a winery business, but I’ve never had their bravery, or wine crafting talent for that matter.  If you are a wine connoisseur and find yourself in Bend, you should definitely stop in and have a glass.  I recommend their Syrah, it is firm but elegant, and my favorite!  OK, enough about the good folks at Volcano Vineyards.

My new large format camera logo!

My new photography logo!

The following image of Three Fingered Jack was also taken with my large format camera on this trip with Debbie and Emma, which is now pictured in my logo and hopefully as a favicon to the left of the URL in your browser right now.

This fine art print can currently be viewed at Pandora’s Backpack in Downtown Bend.  I hope Rod, Mo and company won’t be mad that I’m changing venues for a month!  It is a rare occasion in which I can capture more than one image in the same trip that is worthy of making a fine art print.  Well, I guess that these two fine art prints are a testament to how beautiful Canyon Creek Meadows was this year!

oregon water

A Wildflower laden stream flows beneath Central Oregon’s Three Fingered Jack

I’ve got a couple more fine art prints to introduce over the next week, so please stay tuned for some beautiful new Oregon Landscape Photography!

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Mike Putnam