I’m thrilled to announce That I have released two new Oregon landscape photos!  My collection of fine art landscape photographs is continually growing as I attempt to capture new images of Oregon’s diverse and beautiful landscapes.

The first of my new Oregon Landscape photos is Central Oregon’s very own Black Butte. My New fine art print of Black Butte Ranch is entitled, “Black Butte Morning”

Black Butte Morning, Black Butte Ranch

Black Butte Morning, Central Oregon

Follow the above link for more information about Oregon’s Black Butte and Black Butte Ranch and about this beautiful new Oregon landscape photo.

This  new photo of Black Butte will soon be on display at Crow’s Feet Commons in downtown Bend.

This image has the most beautiful wild lupines I’ve ever seen and the detail in my framed print is astounding.  Please stop by Crow’s Feet Commons and see for yourself!

The second of my two new Oregon Landscape photos was captured a bit further from Bend.  This image you see below from Silver Falls State Park.

Silver Falls State Park photo

Silver-Falls-State-Park fine art print, South Falls


Silver Falls State Park is an absolutely phenomenal place.  It’s “Trail of Ten Falls” is one of Oregon’s best hikes and the whole park is a lush wonderland.

Visit Silver Falls State Park Photo for more information  about the park and about my newest Oregon Landscape photos!

Mother Nature was kind to me while I was at Silver Falls.  There had been lots of recent rain, giving Silver Creek a heavy flow and making South Falls( pictured here) more dramatic.  Additionally, the fall color was at it’s absolute peak.  The layers of yellows and the amount of detail in this framed print of Silver Falls State Park is stunning.  I captured this new fine art print with my 4×5 film camera, allowing me to make huge photographs with incredible detail.  You need to see it to believe it!

To view all of my fine art landscape photographs, please visit the gallery pages on my website, Fine Art landscape photographs.  From the galleries, you can access purchasing options for each of my fine art prints.  If you would like to ask me questions prior to ordering fine art prints, please use the linked contact form,  or call me directly at 541-610-4815.

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Mike Putnam