Oregon Photography Exhibit, “Flow”

Landscape Photography Exhibit at University of Oregon’s Law Library

January 15, 2024- July 1,2024


Oregon Photography Exhibit

Oregon Photography Exhibit

     Let my introduce you to “Flow”!   This Beautiful Oregon photography exhibit is currently on display at The University of Oregon’s John E. Jaqua Law Library. I’m really excited about this exhibit! It will be the largest collection of my work displayed at a single exhibit location. A total of 27 big bold metal prints split between two different sizes, 24×30 and 30×48. The Gallery area is located in the Knight Law Center, 1515 Agate Street, Eugene, Oregon, 2nd Floor. Hours for the gallery area are 9AM- 8PM.  My hope is that my work exhibited in the beautiful gallery area of Oregon’s Law Library will enliven the space and help others develop a deeper appreciation of Oregon’s amazing waters.


University of Oregon law library art exhibit

Sparks Lake Sunrise

My home state of Oregon is blessed with remarkable natural beauty and geographical diversity. When debating Oregon’s virtues with outsiders, I’m prone to wax eloquent about glaciated volcanoes and wildflower filled meadows. When truly pressed about what makes Oregon more wondrous than other states, I always return to water. Specifically, Fresh water.

Eugene Oregon photography exhibit

Autumn Rush, Oregon Law school photography exhibit

Despite a dry summertime climate in most of our state, we are blessed with a stunning array of rivers, lakes, streams and waterfalls that are unequaled in other places. These waters evolve, shift, narrow, expand, and most importantly, they nourish. They are our lifeline. Without them, our beautiful state would be barren. 


Oregon Law School photography exhibit, Oregon Three Sisters

Oregon Three Sisters

Oregon has countless elegant waterways. I have worthy images of many of them that could not be included in this exhibit. The Metal prints you see in this collection are some personal favorites that will hopefully resonate with viewers. If this celebration of Oregon’s amazing waters has brightened you day, or if you would like to suggest a photogenic Oregon location for my next photography adventure, please scan the QR code below and comment on the social medial platform of your choice. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy, “FLOW”!