This past year, I have found myself gravitating towards photography locations that have lured me in a a spiritual way.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always felt spiritual sensations when in the presence of natural beauty but in past years, I’ve primarily been drawn to grand landscapes…think dramatic clouds, snow-covered mountains with wildflower filled foregrounds.  My recent photograph of Mt. Jefferson is a good example.  This new Fine Art Photograph of the Tamolitch Pool, also know as the “Blue Pool” is one of the more beautiful and spiritual places I’ve ever been.  Although the Tamolitch Pool, AKA the Blue Pool has a rather simple composition, it is gorgeous and undeniably elegant.

Tamolitch Pool, AKA the Blue Pool on the McKenzie River

Tamolitch Pool, aka the “Blue Pool”

The Tamolitch Pool is located near Oregon’s Highway 126, not far from Clear Lake.  The McKenzie River flows out of Clear Lake down Koosah Falls and Sahalie Falls and abruptly disappears underground.  The whole river disappears!  Approximately three miles downhill, the McKenzie River reappears via springs that arise in the beautiful photograph you see above, in Tamolitch Pool.  In the lower left of this photo, you can see that the reflection pattern in the pool is disrupted.  This is due to water upwelling via these springs.  Essentially, the McKenzie River is re-born in the frigid waters of Tamolitch Pool(aka the Blue Pool).  This awe inspiring pool has the bluest water and some of the clearest water I’ve ever seen.  Although the water in this Photo appears to be shallow because of its exceptional clarity, it is approximately 70 feet deep in some places.    I captured this photograph this past October as the McKenzie River Trail was bursting with falls color.  At the start of my hike, it was drizzling which became a heavy rain.  By the time I had reached the pool, the photography gods smiled upon me.  The rain had stopped, the surface of the pool was windless and still.  The mountain tops n the background were shrouded in misty clouds as I composed the scene with my large format camera.  I stayed for approximately 2 hours in this magical place before I felt comfortable that I had captured the essence of this magical place.  To order fine art photographs of Tamolitch Pool( aka The Blue Pool), please call me at 541-610-4815.  They will be stunning!  I will have them available in the various sizes listed on my fine art pricing page.  Thanks for reading and please leave any comment in the comments section below.

Happy Trails,

Mike Putnam