Central Oregon’s Metolius River is an undeniably gorgeous River.  Historically, I’ve struggled in my attempts to capture the essence of this iconic location.  With the release of this new fine art photograph of the Metolius River, I’m putting forth my best effort at capturing the feel of the Metolius in a single photograph.

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Oregon’s Metolius River in Autumn

Some of the elements that should be incorporated into my vision of the Metolius River, are elegant flow patterns, riparian details, beautiful trees, and a sense of grandeur, which is captured by the setting sun on a far away hillside.  I’ve photographed the Metolius Basin countless times in every season and there is always something elegant about the Metolius.  While the riparian area along the Metolius’ shores is not always a riot of Golden autumn foliage, you can see this stunning river look just like this on the right day in autumn.  To see s slightly larger version of this image, please visit the rivers,lakes and waterfalls gallery of my website by followiing this link:  Oregon’s Rivers,Lakes and Waterfalls.  Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy my new fine art photograph of the Metolius River.