The next of my soon to be released fine art prints is one that I’ve been trying to capture for two years now.  It is a location that I have to thank Troy McMullin for.  He scouted this image quite some time ago and I’ve searched for the appropriate conditions to make this shot work ever since then.  My goal with all of my fine art large format photographs is to capture Oregon’s beautiful locations at the best time of year and under the optimal conditions.  Optimizing variable photographic conditions of light, flower and plant colors and weather patterns obviously makes for a better fine art photograph but it also serves to better represent the beautiful and wild Oregon locations that recharge my soul.  Photographing these locations in anything less than optimal conditions doesn’t do them justice.  A good parallel to sub-optimal photographic conditions would be making your wife who you love more than anything go out to dinner for a fine meal without letting her shower and brush her teeth. (My loving wife would kill me!) She deserves better as do the wonderful Central Oregon Locations which I love so much!

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Oregon’s Mt. Washington on an autumn sunrise

Fresh snow on Oregon’s Mt. Washington was paramount for making this Photograph work as a fine art print.  Without a heavy load of fresh snow, Mt. Washington looks small and meek.  With snow, it has the Matterhorn like appearance which makes it one of my favorite Oregon Mountains.  This Particular lake happens to have great trees on the opposite shores which are covered with lichen.  At this particular time of year, the blueberries and huckleberry bushes on the opposite shore glow with the colors of fall.  The clouds moving in on the right side of this image also help but from a compositional standpoint.  As the focus with my 4×5 camera was very sharp in this image, I think this will make an exceptional Large format fine art print.  The print is not yet complete but combining fresh snow, fall color, and great light at a beautiful Central Oregon location makes me think this fine art print will proudly represent Oregon’s natural beauty.

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Mike Putnam