I am excited to share my newest fine art photograph of Oregon’s stunning Scott Lake.  Scott Lake is located just west of Central Oregon’s McKenzie Pass, along Highway 242 at approximately 4,800 ft of elevation.  Scott Lake is very clear and shallow and is famed for its view of Oregon’s stunning Three Sisters Mountains.  From Left to right In this beautiful image are North Sister, Middle Sister, and South Sister.

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Three Sisters Reflection, Scott Lake

I’ve been to Scott Lake countless times in the past but I have never captured a photograph there that excites me as much as this one does.  I arrived this morning well before sunrise with the optimism that all landscape photographers feel when they are in a beautiful setting.  Initially the skies were clear but clouds began to form wonderful layers that eventually climaxed as you seen in this beautiful photo.  The timing was perfect.  As clouds formed, the sky warmed to the pink and salmon tones you see here.  One of my favorite sunrises ever.  I have recently received my 4×5 transparencies that I exposed this morning and they are stunning!  I hope to offer this fine art print of Scott Lake for sale in the very near future.  Please call now if you would like to have a print in time for Christmas as my orders are beginning to pile-up.  541-610-4815.

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