I’ve been waiting on this image for a long time!  Everyone who has visited Bend or the Central Oregon area is familiar with the beautiful Three Sisters Mountains which anchor the skyline to the west.  The Three sisters are stunning yet they have been an immense photographic challenge for me.  To accommodate the shape of the Three Sisters, the images requires either a  panoramic format or an exceptional foreground and a sky with rich details.  After countless times photographing the Three Sisters, I have an image of which I am very proud.

Three Sisters Mountains, Central Oregon

Three Sisters Mountains, Central Oregon

Everyone who has driven between the cities of Bend and Sisters, Oregon, has probably noticed the stunning view of the Three Sisters, Broken Top Mountain, and the high desert terrain that leads up to the Deschutes National Forest and eventually the Three Sisters Wilderness Area. For purchasing information about this fine art print, please visit, Three Sisters Panorama.

I take great pride in capturing  “The Essence” of the Beautiful Oregon landscapes that I capture with my 4×5 film camera, and I believe that this image of the Three Sisters and Broken Top does a great job of sharing the essence of this beautiful part of Oregon.  The warm sunrise light on the sage and rabbitbrush, combined with stunning lenticular cloud caps over the Central Oregon Cascades make for a wonderful combination.  I hope you enjoy this beautiful fine art print  of Oregon’s Three sisters Mountains as much me!

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