I’ve been trying to organize an exhibit of my fine art Landscape Photography in Portland, Oregon for over year now and finally, the stars have aligned for my little photography business.  I’m proud to announce that I currently have my photography prints displayed at Baristadors, an amazing coffee shop located at 11136 Capitol Highway  Portland, Oregon.  Technically, this is the SW part of Portland.

Several considerations went into selecting Baristadors as my first Portland exhibit location.  First, I have a personal connection there.  My mother lives near to Baristadors and it is my favorite coffee location in Soputhwest Portland, Oreogn.  The potential photo exhibit needs to have a good reputation and offer quality products.  Baristadors more than adheres to this  requirement.  They serve Stumptown Coffee( my favorite anywhere), they have delicious Bagels and they even serve their own beer.  I’ve had some amazing macchiattos and americanos there!  My final requirement is an attractive interior with some well lit wall space.  Baristadors has all of the above.  Below are some simple images of the interior of Baristadors with my landscape prints on display.



Photography Exhibit, Portland,Oregon

Photography Exhibit, Portland,Oregon

I should also note that all of the frames on my prints that are currently displayed at Baristadors, were hand made by me in my wood shop.  For some more information about my framing, please visit the following link Fine Art Framing.

Baristadores Coffee, Portland, Oregon.

Baristadors Coffee, Portland, Oregon.

I’d like to extend a thanks to Gerrik and Nick, the owners of Baristadors for allowing me to share their wall space for awhile.  More importantly, I’d like to thank my mother who installed my work at Baristadors.  She deserves countless thanks for all the wonderful things she has done for me, this is simply the most recent one.  Thanks Momma!  To view my online portfolios, please visit the following link.  Oregon Landscape Photography

For all of you readers, please stop by Baristadors.  They make wonderful drinks and my work looks pretty nice there.


Mike Putnam