“Broken Top Eruption” Alpine Wildflowers Explode on Broken Top Mountain
Purchasing information for this Broken Top Mountain fine art photograph

“Broken Top Eruption” Alpine Wildflowers Explode on Broken Top Mountain.  I make it a point to visit Central Oregon’s Broken Top Mountain a few times every summer.

Slick Rock Falls, Three Sisters Wilderness Area, Oregon Waterfall

Slick Rock Falls, Three Sisters Wilderness Area, Oregon

The area is truly remarkable.   Broken Top has rolling terrain where wildflower-infused meadows proliferate adjacent to countless glacier fed waterfalls.

Layers of dense volcanic rock create interesting formations and patterns in the snow-melt streams which tumble down the shoulders of Broken Top.

Broken Top Trail offers the primary  access to the high alpine areas on Broken Top Mountain’s volcanic flanks.  Broken Top Trail can be found from Bend, Oregon by taking the Cascade Lakes Highway towards the looming Mt. Bachelor.  After passing Mt. Bachelor, you should take a right turn towards Todd Lake.  You will see an obvious parking area for Todd Lake.  If you are driving a high clearance four wheel drive vehicle, continue past the parking lot on the infamous 370 road.  The drive from the Todd Lake parking lot to the Broken Top trail head is only a few miles but will take you about 20 minutes on an extremely rocky and rugged forest service road.

If you persevere, alpine wonders await you!  I can always find beautiful landscapes to photograph on Broken Top Mountain but I have never found a proliferation of wildflowers quite like the one I captured in this new fine art print.

Fortunately, I was carrying the my trusty “Big Rig”, the beautiful Ebony 4×5 film camera which I use to capture all of my fine art landscape photographs.  The Big Rig allows me to create immense image files which translate to truly elegant framed fine art photographs.  They have a look and feel which is distinct from digital photographs.  To order a print of this beautiful print of Broken Top Mountain, click the big blue button at the top of the page.  It will be gorgeous!

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