“Canyon Creek Meadow” , Three Fingered Jack
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Canyon Creek Meadow and Three Fingered Jack are located within the amazing Mt. Jefferson Wilderness Area in Central Oregon.  To access This stunning hike from Bend, travel west on Highway 20 past the town of Sisters and turn right at the sign for “Wilderness Trailheads”.  Travel 4.5 miles on Road 12 and take a left on forest service road 1234.  Climb about 6 miles over a rough gravel road which ends at “Jack Lake” Trailhead.  A Northwest forest pass is required at the parking lot and the trail is well marked.  To reach Canyon Creek Meadow, you will immediately climb past the shallow Jack lake which has views of the distant Three Fingered Jack.  You will continue to climb through a burned out forest.  After 1/4 mile, the trail enters the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness area, which in early summer is filled with blooming beargrass, giving the hike a whimsical flair.  At the Wilderness boundary is a junction.  To the right is a trail to Wasco Lake and to the left is the preferred route to Canyon Creek Meadow.  I highly recommend staying to the left. From the Junction, the lower Canyon Creek Meadow is about 1.75 miles away.  It lazily travels upwards through a lodgepole forest which skirts the edge of multiple small ponds and wildflower filled meadows.  The Lower meadow is bisected by Canyon Creek and in early summer is filled with wildflowers.  It is an excellent camping destination for short overnight hikes. Be prepared for butterflies, hummingbirds and Mosquitos!  The more alpine, Upper Canyon Creek Meadow, seen in the photo on this page, is another 1.5 miles uphill.  It is gorgeous and worth the extra effort!  With appropriate seasonal weather conditions, Canyon Meadow can be absolutely bursting with lupines, as seen in this beautiful fine art photo of Three Fingered jack and Canyon Creek Meadow.  The honey scented aroma of lupines can be transcendent,  at this wildflower-filled Shangri-La, is rivaled by few hikes in the world.

Canyon Creek Meadow and Three Fingered Jack, the Capture

I have been to Canyon Creek Meadow and Three Fingered jack dozens of times in the last 15 years but never have the conditions been more optimal.  Delicate clouds crowning Three Fingered Jack, warm morning light, and Canyon Creek Meadow bursting with  lupines and hints of Red Indian Paintbrush make for a glorious fine art photograph of this sublime location.  For sizing and purchasing information for this photo, click the big blue button at the top of this entry. I captured this wonderful image with my trusty 4×5 film camera, giving the prints of this image a distinctive look, feel and exceptional detail not found in images from digital cameras.  You really must see it to believe it!