Middle Deschutes River, Three Sisters
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Oregon’s Middle Deschutes River is technically located below the City of Bend and above Lake Billy Chinook.  It is an overlooked yet magnificent section of the Deschutes River.  It’s water levels tend to drop dangerously low during the summer but noble non-profit groups such as the Deschutes River Conservancy are helping to change this malady.  The Deschutes’ three sections, the Upper Deschutes River , Middle Deschutes River and the Lower Deschutes River all have distinct personalities.  The Middle Deschutes has a big western feel.  Rugged canyons like the one seen in this photo are the norm.  From a few locations, Oregon’s Three Sisters are visible and for a few weeks every spring, the Middle Deschutes blushes green and quickly fades back to an aged tan color.

Middle Deschutes River, the Capture.

I captured this fine art photo of the Deschutes with my large format 4×5 film camera, allowing me to make big, bold, highly detailed prints of this image.  Wonderful seasonal timing

sisters oregon,basalt columns,lichen,blasamroot

and stunning subject matter makes this a gorgeous framed fine art print that will brighten any room in your home or office.  This image fulfills one of my goals as an artist, in that it captures the essence of a place.  For me, the Central Oregon region is defined by the Deschutes River, the Three Sister Mountains and the High Desert.  Having these three elements in the same photograph, timed at the peak of spring color and on a sunny “blue-bird” day makes this one of my most “local” works.  This section of the Deschutes swelters in summer, making it my least favorite time of year for hiking in the area.  The Scout Camp Trail is one of my favorites on the Middle Deschutes.  When hiking the Scout Camp Trail, be prepared for rugged terrain, loss and gain of elevation and….. rattlesnakes.  I find that once the Balsamroot begin to bloom in the area, Rattlesnakes awake from their winter slumber.

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