Silver Falls Fine Art Print

Silver Falls fine art print

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Silver Falls State Park is an absolute gem in Oregon’s phenomenal state park system. Silver Falls encompasses over 9,000 acres, 24 miles of trails and 17 waterfalls.  Add in old growth trees, lush forest the enchanting Silver Creek and the Silver Falls Lodge and you have one of the most spectacular state parks in the United State(Smith Rock State Park isn’t bad either!).  Silver Falls’ “Trail of Ten Falls”,  parallels Silver Creek and passes, you guessed it, 10 different waterfalls.  South Falls( Included in the Silver Falls Fine Art Print at the top of this page), Lower South Falls, Winter Falls, and North Falls, all include Amphitheater style trails that allow visitors to pass behind the waterfalls.

The “Trail of 10 Falls” and the whole state parks are exceptionally beautiful and in fact, they were once considered for National Park Status.  Ultimately, the National Park evaluator deemed that the area of the park was too small, un-developed and showed too much damage from logging.  The evaluator did note the exceptional beauty of the Silver Falls Area and a desire to aid in protecting it for future generations.

Silver Falls fine art print

My newest and first fine art photograph of Silver Falls State Park captures “South Falls”.  South Falls a 177 foot single drop waterfall which is the most accessible in the park.  It is located right by the Lodge and is at the start of the “Trail of Ten Falls”.  It may well be the most beautiful  waterfall in the park(just an opinion) and I feel, it represents the essence of Silver State Park.  Beautiful forest, accessible trails and stunning waterfalls.  Autumn if my favorite season at Silver Falls State Park and this year, my timing for fall color at Silver Falls State Park was exceptional.

I captured this beautiful Silver Falls fine art print with my 4×5 film camera, so the framed photograph has exceptional detail.  Please click the big blue button above to see purchasing information for this fine art print.  It is available as a traditional fine art print, traditional framed fine art print, metal print, acrylic face mounted print or as a canvas print.  Also, don’t hesitate to call me if you have any questions about these options.  541-610-4815

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