Slick Rock Falls, Three Sisters Wilderness, Oregon

“Slick Rock Falls”, Three Sisters Wilderness, Oregon.

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Central Oregon has natural beauty rivaled by few areas of the United States.  I may be biased but I’m also experienced in assessing and probing this beauty.  As a full time fine art landscape photographer, I spend countless hours per week exploring and discovering beautiful areas of Oregon.  One characteristic where Central Oregon’s  natural beauty tends to fall short is…  We don’t have great rocks.  Our volcanic soils and formations tend toward the crumbly and….poorly formed.  The Three Sisters Wilderness Area, one of the seven wonders of Central Oregon, is anchored by the volcanoes, Faith, Hope and Charity, which are composed largely of crumbly volcanic pumice rock.  While interesting, this pumice rock is not particularly photogenic.  On some days, I long for Utah’s slick rock falls and formations, whose smooth elegant lines make wonderful subjects.

Fortunately, there are a few pockets of good rock in our wonderful part of the world. ” Slick Rock Falls” is a capture of one of those pockets of good rock.  Its elegant lines and austere margins have always appealed to me.  Part of the joy I experience when viewing this image is knowing that my beautiful daughter, Emma Putnam, was sleeping just outside of view while I composed and captured this image!  I suspect that this new fine art print will be a favorite amongst designers who are seeking a soothing, peaceful centerpiece.

As this beautiful new image was captured with my large format film camera, I can print it to over 50 inches tall x 40 inches wide, making for a stunning presentation.  It will be available in the following presentations:  traditional fine art landscape prints, metal prints, acrylic face-mounted prints, and canvas prints.  To arrange a private viewing of this new fine art photograph or any of my other landscape photographs, please call me at:  541-610-4815  or email me at :

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