Tamanawas Falls, Mt. Hood National Forest
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Tamanawas Falls, Mt. Hood Oregon.

Tamanawas Falls is a beautifully arranged, plunging,109 foot tall waterfall located in the Mt. Hood National Forest on the east side of Mt. Hood.

The Falls are accessed from the Sherwood Trailhead, located on OR Highway 35.  From the Sherwood Trailhead parking lot, cross an obvious footbridge over the East Fork of the Hood River and follow signage for the “East Fork Trail”.  The Hike gains 600 feet over 2.0 miles and courses through a deep attractive forest and eventually parallels parallels Cold Spring Creek.  Currently, there is temporary but passable trail routing through a recent rock fall.  The trail gets sparse in this segment but with some persistence the intrepid hiker will be rewarded with sweeping views of the elegant Tamanawas Falls and its impressive basalt amphitheater.

I’ve often mindlessly cruised past the Sherwood trailhead on my way to Mt. Hood and the magical Hood River Valley.  The trailhead and parking lot are visible from Highway 35, which oddly, makes them very passable.

Tamanawas Falls fine art photograph

Upon arriving to the falls, the trail thins out to a vague spider web of trails.  Sure-footed hikers can venture behind the falls at the base of the basalt amphitheater.  Photographers will want to time their shoots carefully as contrasty, direct sunlight can be a significant hinderance during the early afternoon.  To capture the entire falls from in the amphitheater, you will need a relatively wide angle lens.  On the day that captured this newest fine art print, the riparian plants in the foreground of the image were still green but flopped over for the season, preventing the dreaded “green-wave” that can haunt landscape photographers.  As I sought out my preferred composition, I found myself precariously balanced on slick river rocks on the edge of the rushing Coldl Springs Creek.  It is uncanny how I can manage to make a scenic and pleasant hike into a difficult and technical shoot!  I love the feel and composition of this image.  Its simplicity  highlight movement and the amphitheater’s scale.  Detail in the fine art prints of this image are stunning, in large part due to my trust Ebony 4×5 camera and a clean plane of focus.  To view my other fine art waterfall photographs, please visit, Oregon Waterfall Photographs.  To view purchasing information for this beautiful print, please visit, Tamanawas Falls fine art print, or click the big blue button below the image at the top of this page ore call me!  541-610-4815

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