I’m extremely proud to announce that one of my images was selected to be in the Sierra Club Calendar October 2016!  I’ve have been a fan of the Sierra club my entire life and their Wilderness Calendars have  always been filled with images captured by photographers who have influenced and motivated me.  The Sierra Club’s 2016 Wilderness Calendar is no different except one of my images, “Autumn Delight” Oregon Aspen Grove  is included for the month of October!

Sierra-Club-Calendar-October 2016-jpg

Sierra Club Calendar, October 2016. “Oregon Aspen Grove” Photograph, by Bend, Oregon photographer, Mike Putnam.

The 2016 Sierra Club Calendar Wilderness is beautiful, as always.  Below is an image of the back cover of the calendar.

2016 Sierra Club Wilderness Calendar

2016 Sierra Club Wilderness Calendar

Viewing the back cover of the calendar makes me intensely proud.  To be grouped with photographers such as Carr Clifton, Jack Dykinga and Mary Liz Austin who are some of my strongest photographic influences has been one of my long time term goals.  I love my job as a landscape photographer.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  As I often tell people, “in my job, a bad day of work is a good day of hiking”.  Well few of my work days have been as rewarding as the day that this calendar showed up in the mail. Many thanks to the good folks at Sierra Club for selecting my Aspen Grove image from the thousands of images that were submitted by the best landscape photographers in the world!

“Autumn Delight” Sierra Club Calendar October 2016

My image, titled, “Autumn Delight” Oregon Aspen Grove, which was captured in The Deschutes National Forest, near my home in Bend, Oregon is one of my better selling fine art photographs.  It captures the essence and grace of our local aspen groves. This beautiful image of my favorite aspen grove is seen below.

aspen grove

Aspen Grove, Deschutes National Forest, near Bend,Oregon.

To view purchasing options for this beautiful Photograph, please visit here. “Autumn Delight”.