One of the new fine art prints that I’m about to release is seen below.  This area of Smith Rock State Park is one of my favorites and is an unhealthy obsession for friend, photographer and media darling, Troy McMullin.  Smith Rock is a truly stunning location but it is photographically challenging in that many of its areas have been shot to death.  These towers, also referred to as “The Monument” is more difficult to get to than most areas and therefore hasn’t been overdone.Purchase this ‘Smith Rock State Park Photo

Central Oregon's Beautiful Smith Rock State Park.

Central Oregon’s Beautiful Smith Rock State Park.

While Smith Rock State Park is technically a desert, the Crooked River flows through the park.  Having lots of water flow through our Central Oregon Desert is part of what makes the Bend area special.  Water also creates beautiful riverside riparian areas such as the one seen in the Smith Rock Image above.  I hope to have this image available in the form of a Fine art print for my next show which will be the first Friday of October at Patagonia of Bend.  I hope that the combination of Smith Rock’s towering rock formations combined with the raging Crooked River and an autumnal riparian mid-ground will make for a stunning fine art print.  You can be the judge on the first friday in October in Downtown Bend.

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