I’ve mentioned the Bend Brewing Company many times before in this blog, which , frankly is odd, because this blog is supposed to be about photography!  Well, I’m so excited, I have to mention the BBC (Bend Brewing Company) again.  I always have my Oregon Landscape Photography displayed in the main room of the BBC, and occasionally my landscape photos are displayed in the hallway,which is reserved for a rotation of artists.  I’m happy to say that my art will be displayed in the BBC “Art Hallway” during the month of May, 2011, and that I will be at the BBC for the first Friday Art walk(May 6, 2011) in downtown Bend, Oregon.  Even more exciting, My Photograph, “Ponderosa Glow” will be featured on the label of the BBC’s newest bottled beer!  The label of the beer is seen below.

Outback X Beer label from the BEnd Brewing Company!

Outback X Beer label from the Bend Brewing Company!

The BBC’s exceptionally talented brewmaster, Tonya Cornett(2008 World Beer Cup Brewmaster of the year!), will be there to sign bottles of this amazing beer.  Outback X is , in fact, one of the most awarded beers in the world over the last 4 years!  Below are some of its recent awards:

2010 Great American Brewing Festival-Bronze medal

2010 NABAA -Bronze medal

2010 World Beer Cup- Gold Medal

2009 Great American Beer Festival- Silver Medal

2008 World Beer Cup- Gold Medal

Wow!  As you can imagine, I am honored to have my photograph grace the label of this exceptional beer.  This honor is especially cherished because the management and staff at the BBC have been so kind to me and my family over the years.  Thank You to them!  Below is an image off the Ponderosa tree that is seen on the Outback X label.

Ponderosa Pine Tree

Ponderosa Pine Tree

It is perhaps my favorite tree in the world and the second largest ponderosa tree I’ve ever seen.  I’ll also have a large print of “Ponderosa Glow” on display for the First Friday Art walk, May 6th, at the Bend Brewing Company, so save that night on your calendar for a fun combination of beer and art!


Mike Putnam